Cassia Siamia Technologies is a one-stop shop for all laboratory, research and production equipment along with consumables and reagents. Started in 1998, Cassia Siamia Technologies has carved a niche market for itself by becoming the supplier-by-choice for over 1000 products & equipment that several Pharmateuticals, Biotech  and Agri-Biotech and research institutions need for their day-to-day operations. But that’s only today’s position.

Cassia Siamia Technologies Private Limited was started in 1998 as a pipe dream of three professionals in their mid thirties, to become a miniature catalogue company catering to Pharma and Biotech Companies in Hyderabad and Andhrapradesh. Initial hiccups, rapid travel southwards leading to near bankruptcy, arduous climb of learning curve and a decade later our dream has come true.

Our Product and Services Range bear testimony to this. Financial discipline displayed by us endeared our bankers Bank of India so much so they were happy to release near full limit, collateral free loan under CGTMSE Scheme. Meet our Management Team in flesh and bone here

Cassia Siamia is reaching out to Biotech laboratories, life sciences companies and pharmaceutical companies to help advance healthcare in India. We have the complete range - Pharma reactors and turnkey solutions  As Hyderabad’s leading provider of diagnostic & testing equipment supplier, research & clinical labs and doctors can now rely on Cassia to make better healthcare decisions.

We in a nebulous way, touch the lives of patients every minute, every day, 24/7.

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