Are we Cheap? Definitely NOT!! Okay. Are our products Cheap? Yes. No. May be. Price is obviously not a differentiator and it definitely is not our Value Proposition. Companies with higher market share price their products at a much higher rate than us. Competitors who perform dismally price their product at much lower rates than Cassia.

Are Quality and Service our Value Proposition? Quality and Service are relative term. Quality - performance of the product to suit the end use – and Service – removing the pain points of the customer during procurement process and utilization phase - are expectations and not differentiators. It is assumed to be present. We do not claim them as Value Propositions. They are always there. For Cassia, Quality and Service are basic deliverables and we even dare to define them. As far as Cassia is concerned “Value” is different.

Cassia is servicing a very narrow target market in a very small geographic area, while most of the competition works everywhere. Intensity and fervor with which we serve our target market is unique .

Every competitor speaks of quality and none about warranty! Company's manufactured products seldom face rejection. Defining Warranty in unambiguous terms is our differentiator

For most of the equipment annual calibration and validation is an issue for the industry. For products sold by the company, annual validation for the next five years can be negotiated with us at the time of purchase!

High range of products. As good as a one stop shop when it comes to the needs of Biotech, Life Sciences and Pharma  Industries.

Anticipating the needs of the customers and providing for stocks has been a hallmark for the company as far as its top customers are concerned. 

You define Value. Chances are we have already met them. We invite to visit this page to learn more on how we address Market Needs and the page on the differentiation you can expect from us.

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