Like any other business vertical, the company's target market – Pharma, Biotech and Life Sciences Companies - has its share of frustrations. They too make purchase decisions to either avoid pain or experience some gain. Scrutiny of company's success revealed strong relationship building after the occurrence of one or more of these events.

  • Winner of contract did not fulfill their commitment and the company stepped in and saved the customer of hardship and embarrassment. We have a loyal customer.
  • Another customer encouraged the company in preference to giants, due to price point differential. Once the product delivered met or exceeded the specs, the customer stayed with the company of ever.
  • Growth is tied in a red tape. At Cassia, it is anticipated and provided for. Customers find working with the company easy.
  • Unfortunately, scientific research is non-linear. Hence, requirement is hardly linear. The scientists tend to indent materials without giving the purchaser sufficient time. The company ended up meeting quite a few, to the satisfaction of the client.

So, there is a clear pattern of needs Biotech and Pharmaceutical companies would like to see them provided for. This prompted us to make the following part of Cassia culture and the following has become habits.

  • Anticipating demands of customers and stocking the materials based on past data.
  • Maintain price parity when compared with organised giants of the industry by maintaining lean staff and overheads.
  • Not entering into a price war when forced to compete with competition that has no idea of delivering satisfaction.
  • Retain its edge over red tape and extend it in a manner needed for the target market.

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